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The Full Story


My name is Mike Dasargo, son of a single immigrant mother who did what she could with the resources she had.  The challenges we overcame drove me to learn martial arts and meditation in my teens and begin teaching self-defense in my adulthood.  The experiences led me to a career in Physical Security in the mid 90's, while concurrently working in Emergency Medicine as a Tactical Medic with DMAT CA-4 of the National Disaster Medical Services and the Department of Homeland Security post 9-11.  In 2005, I began working in the Executive Protection industry to include Cross-border protection to Mexico as well as international Travel Security.  By 2011, I started teaching Combat Focus Shooting with 10X Defense which leads us here today with Stronghold Dynamic LLC.  


I've been teaching martial arts and personal defense for over 25 years, and have committed my focus on improving training results with a relentless pursuit of evidence-based training methods.  When you train with us you will be immersed in an experience that encapsulates the entirety of the human weapon system so you can reliably apply skills in disastrous, tragic, and treacherous circumstances.


At Stronghold Dynamic, my mission is to pay forward the benefits of my life experiences to you, so that you may benefit from my security expertise for your needs and so that you can become your own Protection Agent for yourself and your family.


Life is not without risks.  If you want to experience the freedom to achieve more, to LIVE free, then plan accordingly.  Join me on PDN Training Talk: 
"If you can't be safe, be prepared."


Stress can become a performance diminisher.  How we feel directly impacts how we think, and how we think directly impacts how we perform.  Join me on the Gun Owners Radio show where we discuss how to train with the mind and body to liberate your performance from the shackles of traumatic stress.

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