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Personal Defense and Martial Arts

Leverage natural reactions to unexpected danger for reliable fighting techniques.

Service Description

Life-threatening violence is a lot to process, especially when your reality becomes distorted by the extreme stress. When prevention and avoidance fails and violence catches you off-guard, your perception and thought processes will determine how you will respond. In the Personal Defense Fundamentals course, we start your training with learning how your mind and body will function under life-threatening stress, and build your mechanics and decision-making processes based on that foundation. Mechanics will be limited to what comes naturally, and how to think about improvising violence of action. While sophisticated movement patterns can amplify your power generation while conserving energy, they will also require frequent and consistent training over an extended period of time for the physiological adaptations to create reliable responses. Time-limited training means simple and intuitive movements will provide the most reliable responses until you can commit to the demands of two to four years of consistent martial arts training.

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1020 Marron Valley Road, Dulzura, CA, USA

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